Five Important Cedar Fence Advantages

When they purchase wooden fences, the vast majority of Americans select pine or cedar. Why does a cedar fence rank among the top two choices? It offers five noteworthy advantages that appeal to most homeowners:

Five Important Cedar Fence Advantages

1. Very Rugged

Cedar stands up to many different kinds of weather. Heavy rain and frozen precipitation can’t easily damage it. This wood also resists staining, and it doesn’t rot quickly. For the best results, owners should trim any tall grass or bushes that touch their fences.

2. Quite Attractive

This fencing has a highly desirable appearance. It looks much more natural than metal or vinyl products. Cedar complements most types of homes and other surroundings. In addition to improving your enjoyment of outdoor activities, this could increase your property’s value.

3. Blocks Noise

A fence doesn’t only enhance privacy and deter intruders. It also reduces the amount of noise that reaches your deck, garden or yard. Cedar performs especially well in this regard. Consider choosing it if you don’t like listening to car engines or power tools.

4. Eco-Friendly

Unlike synthetic materials, wood comes from a renewable source. After fencing reaches the end of its useful life, owners may recycle it or allow it to biodegrade. To maximize the environmental benefits, don’t apply high-VOC paint.

5. Pleasant Fragrance

Like any cedar product, this fencing has an appealing scent. Humans enjoy the aroma, but many pests dislike it. This material will help you keep fleas, mice, ticks and other undesirable creatures at bay. Additionally, it can repel some kinds of wood-boring insects.

The bottom line is that cedar provides a relatively low-maintenance option with an attractive appearance. It often enhances outdoor experiences by blocking noise and repelling pests. If you’d like to add a well-designed cedar fence to your property, please contact us today for further details.

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