How to Fill the Gap Under Your Fence

If you have pets or want to keep neighborhood critters out of your backyard, you need a strong fence. But soil can gradually erode away from the fence line, especially if you live on an incline or near a creek. Not only does that gap break the barrier, it could make your fence unstable if left untreated for too long. Here’s how to get rid of the gap and keep your soil in place.

  • Build an underlayer of chicken wire. Sometimes it’s not erosion that’s the culprit: small burrowing animals confronted with a fence will simply dig under it. Make sure they can’t by folding a small width of chicken wire around the bottom of your fence. If it isn’t jammed tight because of a slight gap between the fence and the ground that might already be present, holding the wire in place with landscaping or small rocks and cover it all with soil. This layer will protect bare feet and your dog’s pause.
  • Edge the fence line with bushes. Nothing holds soil in place better than shrubs and small bushes. Whether you want to edge the exterior of the fence with decorative shrubs in your lawn or you want to line the inside with plants that dissuade small animals, they will keep a grip on the soil. This is especially beneficial if you have a fence near your foundation, since holding the soil in place helps mitigate foundation damage.

Your fence should do everything you want it to. That includes looking beautiful, forming a strong and durable barrier, and lining your property. Go to Woodcrafters Fencing for more ideas about modifying and enhancing your fence.

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