3 Signs a Board-on-Board Fence is Right for You

Fences are undeniably useful in a lot of ways, whether they’re installed for security and privacy or set up purely for aesthetic reasons. If you’re looking for the best fence to fit your needs, here are a few signs that a board-on-board fence may just be the right style for you.

3 Signs a Board-on-Board Fence is Right for You

1. You’re looking for good security.

By virtue of their layered design, board-on-board fences are a great option for security. Not only do they completely block the view of the yard they’re enclosing, but the boxed-in effect created by the boards around the center frame creates a strong, sturdy fence while avoiding the use of sharp-edged deterrents which could be dangerous for children or animals.

2. You’re looking for a fence that will last.

The double-layered design of a board-on-board fence helps make it a long-lasting addition to any property. When properly treated and sealed, the boards will resist warping, fading, or splitting for years after the initial installation.

3. You’re looking for a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Board-on-board fences are a great way to have privacy and security without sacrificing the aesthetics of your property. They’re an especially strong choice for those with close neighbors who may even be sharing a fence line as the double-sided design encloses the yard completely but doesn’t leave anyone looking at the supporting posts instead of the flat side of the boards. Board-on-board fences can be made from a variety of natural wood and can also be painted or stained to match your existing decor.

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