Within the first year of being constructed, most Texas fences become worn out and often turn gray. However, your fence will retain its color and structural integrity for many years if it is properly sealed and coated. That’s why Woodcrafters Fencing offers a fence staining service!

Our professionals have the experience needed to stain your fence the right way, increasing the longevity of your fence’s appearance. Pigmented stains will also allow you the ability to match or enhance current color schemes and landscapes to add additional curb appeal to your home and property!

Fence Stain vs Fence Paint

Most of the time, staining is the ideal option compared to painting a fence, and if applied correctly, the stain will last up to several years before fading. Additionally, re-staining requires less preparation than re-painting because it doesn’t peel or crack. Because you don’t have to re-stain nearly as often, the long-term cost of staining is lower. Here are a few additional fence-staining benefits: 

  • Seals and waterproofs wood
  • Protects wood against mildew
  • Shields wood from harmful UV rays
  • Restores weathered wood
  • Provides protection for wood in extreme climates
  • Prolongs overall life of fence
  • Adds value
  • Adds color
Fence Staining

Types of Stain and Customization Options

There are numerous colors and transparencies of stain. Some are transparent, giving your fence waterproofing and protection without altering the wood’s natural color. Others are partially translucent. They emphasize the wood’s natural beauty by darkening it while still letting the grain show through. Others are more opaque and resemble painted fences without requiring nearly as much upkeep.

Need some ideas? Check out our fence gallery for inspiration.

Ready to Add Color and Protect Your Investment?

At Woodcrafters Fencing, we can handle any job no matter the size, and with over 25 years of experience, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today or fill out our form for a free estimate.