3 Reasons Why Fence Staining Is Beneficial

Choosing to go with a wood fence for your property is a great investment. Wood fences not only look great, but they are also high quality and long-lasting. A great way to protect your wood fence is to add a stain to the wood. Here are three reasons why fence staining is so beneficial.

3 Reasons Why Fence Staining Is Beneficial

It Protects The Wood From UV Rays 

The constant UV rays put off from the sun can cause your wood to break down. A great way to protect against this kind of weathering is to stain your wood fence. The stain acts as a barrier between the UV rays and the natural wood, thus extending the life of your fence.

Stops Water From Getting Into The Wood 

Something that can be very damaging to your wood fence is water. If water happens to get into your wood and this water then freezes, this can cause the wood to split. Each piece of wood that splits will need to be replaced and this can become very costly, very quickly. Water can also cause mildew to grow on your wood, which will deteriorate the wood at a much faster rate. Lastly, water can cause the wood to rot and break down due to the fungi interacting with the moisture in the wood. A stain on your wood fence will stop the water from being able to enter it and can eliminate all of these issues for you.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal To Your Fence 

Lastly, the polished and finished look of a wood stain adds a great deal of beauty to your fence. You can choose a stain color that matches with your home and surrounding landscape so that everything flows and is very eye-catching. This increases its aesthetic appeal overall, while also protecting and extending the life of the fence. This can add value to your property and increase your curb appeal.

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