Add Rustic Charm With a Split Rail Fence

With its simple construction and informal style, a split rail fence can add rustic charm to your property. Usually constructed of split cedar logs, this type of fence withstands weather and lasts for years. While it will not add privacy or keep small pets in the yard, split rail fencing offers a variety of benefits.

Add Rustic Charm With a Split Rail Fence

Mark Property Lines

If you need to mark property lines, why not do it in style? A longtime favorite of ranchers and pioneers split rail fencing will give your property a low maintenance, traditional look while marking boundaries. You can still enjoy the view or show off your landscaping with the open construction of a split rail fence.

Add Curb Appeal

Are you looking for that extra dash of style for your yard? Split rail fencing adds curb appeal when used as an accent around a garden or small section within your property. Cedar posts and rails provide durable charm while maintaining a light and airy look.

Control Large Animals

While a split rail fence won’t keep your small dog or cat in the yard, it can prevent larger animals from entering your property. As a longstanding fence of choice for ranchers, you can depend on split rail fencing to discourage deer from eating out of your garden and keep your horse or livestock inside your property.

To sum up, a split rail fence adds charm and style while keeping maintenance to a minimum. If this type of fencing sounds like the right choice for you, contact us for information on split rail fence installation.

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