How a Deck Can Benefit You as a Homeowner

In recent years, America’s fascination with outdoor living has grown. Building a deck is the perfect way to join this growing trend. As soon as the contractors are done building your new deck, you begin to experience its benefits. As a homeowner, if you decide to sell your home sometime in the future, your deck can help you sell your property.

How a Deck Can Benefit You as a Homeowner

Benefits While You’re Living in the Home

The best reason to add a deck is to get more enjoyment from your home. Your custom deck adds to your home’s beauty and character. A deck provides a budget-friendly way to expand your home’s living space. Creating an outdoor room with a deck is far less expensive than adding an interior room.

Your deck is a new space to create memories with friends and family. Decks offer a comfortable place to entertain outdoors. It’s easy to furnish your deck to serve as an outdoor living room. Your deck gives you a defined space to host a cookout or other outdoor festivities.

When you’re not entertaining, your deck is a wonderful place to relax. It’s your private space to enjoy the outdoors. You may decide to add touches that suit your lifestyle such as a hammock for a weekend nap.

Benefits When You’re Selling Your Home

Decks contribute to the curb appeal that a home on the market needs to get homebuyers to come inside. A 2019 study by Remodeling Magazine reported exterior improvements provide more resale value than interior renovations. The same study noted homeowners could expect to recoup 75.6 percent of what they invested in building a wood deck.

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