Why your Home would Benefit from a Cedar Fence

There are a ton of different reasons why a fence is a good idea for your property and just as many reasons why cedar wood is a great choice for that fence. It is an extremely durable material and also quite popular with DIY fence people. Fences can also help you to make sure those creepy creepers next door can’t just walk up to your house and peek in at will.

Why your Home would Benefit from a Cedar Fence

Provides Extra Shade

A solid wood fence can be an extremely helpful tool to give you some extra shades on your property. With temperatures constantly rising, year-on-year, a tall fence can be an extremely useful thing to give you some more shade to escape the sun’s rays.

Consistent Privacy

Even if your home’s surroundings are nothing but trees and bushes, there is no better way to ensure privacy than to have a fence (unless, you know, you live in the middle of a literal forest with no neighbors). Fences provide us with consistent, year round privacy from unwanted intrusions, regardless of what our surroundings happen to look like on a daily basis.

Increased Durability

Cedar is one of those woods that is always a great choice for outdoor use. It is also one of the few natural woods that can easily resist warping, splitting and cracking with relative ease. Additionally, natural oils on a cedar fence may help to increase its’ life expectancy so there is less of a need to replace it as well as protecting the fence from the impact of the weather.


“We have fencing” is one of those things that will usually make a potential home buyer sit up and take note on the spot. If you suspect that your home is likely to get sold in the not too distant future then adding a fence can be a good strategy to increase your long-term return on investment.

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