5 Reasons Why A Cedar Fence Would Be Great For Your Home

There are an infinite number of reasons why cedar wood is a great choice for a fence. It is highly popular and durable. A fence is also a great way to ensure some year round privacy in your property.

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5) Cedar is durable.

Cedar is one of those most durable woods which is great for outdoor use. It is one of the few natural woods which is resistant to warping, splitting and cracking. Adding a natural oil to your cedar fence will also help add protection and increase its life expectancy. Natural wood oils can fill in cracks or any other apparent defect, restore the woods original color and protects it from the weather.

4) Cedar Fencing Can Provide Additional Value To Your Home.

Cedar in general is one of those buzz words which catches a potential house buyer if you are selling your home. It can also help increase the value of your property in general. Cedar remains one of the most popular choices for an enclosed fence because of its color and its texture.

3) Fencing Can Create Additional Shade.

A solid wooden fence can create additional shade for your yard. While each passing year gets hotter and hotter, you could have an option to escape the sun by adding a tall fence.

2) Cedar Fences Are Great For Gardening Projects.

Some plants really love shade. Lungwort and Foxglove are two examples of flowers which love the shade and would grow great next to your shady fence. This fence is also a great option because it attracts insects like bees. This is great for your garden as your plants need bees to spread their pollen.

1) A Tall Cedar Fence Can Provide Year Round Privacy For Your Home.

Even if your home is surrounded by trees and tall, thick bushes, there is no substitute for privacy like a fence. Fences provide year round privacy for you and your family, even after all of the other plants and tree leaves die off in the winter.

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