Basic Repair for Wooden Decks

Basic Repair for Wooden Decks

Decks made from wood are particularly prone to deterioration, even if the wood is pressure treated. Many people think that the best solution is to simply replace the deck, which is a costly and time-consuming procedure. Fortunately, in many cases it’s possible to repair areas of a deck without resorting to replacing the entire deck. If you’re properly maintaining your wooden deck, it should last 15-20 years or more.

Your deck looks grimy and discolored.

Taking the time to pressure wash your deck can often cause the discoloration that builds up over time. After pressure washing your deck, you may want to consider sealing it in order to make the wood more resistant to stains and moisture.

The boards on your deck are becoming rotten.

If your deck is beginning to rot in certain areas, the best step is to cut away the rotten areas of the boards and to patch them with new, pressure treated wood of the same size. Furthermore, be sure to check whether there’s a reason that your deck is rotting in certain areas. Is your deck furniture causing moisture to pool up? Do you need to re-seal your wood?

The nails on your deck keep popping out of place.

One way to fix this problem is to simply hammer the nails back into place. However, this can damage your deck and it won’t prevent the nails from popping back out in the future. Another option is to pull the nail out with pliers, and then replace the nail with a screw.

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