3 Top Color Choices for Staining Your Deck

When you’re planning the next change to your backyard, don’t plan in black and white. Pick one of these new colors emerging as top trends in 2019:

3 Top Color Choices for Staining Your Deck


1. Blues and greens:

Your deck doesn’t have to stay in various tones of brown and gray. If you want to add a bit of color to your backyard, a great tactic is to stain your patio deck a jewel tone or neutral but less typical shade. Green is popular if your backyard is mostly concrete so you can fit in those natural shades. Blue can add contrast and tie your new backyard feature into the color palette of your home’s exterior.

2. Black:

Black is a dramatic color, and it’s usually saved for small accents and edges. But black patio decks and fences are a dramatic choice that can look great if it’s planned well. Not only does it hide stains and scratches, it stops colorful furniture and accessories from looking busy. Avoid this color if you have a small or shadowed backyard, but definitely grab stain swatches if you have a large deck and a sunny yard.

3. Multi-toned colors:

No matter what stain color you like the best, it doesn’t have to be the only color you use. Use a contrasting color for steps, edges, and central panels. Pick one color for all of your planks, but pattern the patio deck with lighter and darker shades on different boards.

This is also a great strategy if your deck is a mix of planks that have different lengths, widths, and wood material. Multi-toned decks also mean you can add on without losing the flow of your constructions.

Don’t let the traditional browns and grays restrict your color choices. If you’re restaining your patio deck or your fence, pick the color you like best. Go to Woodcrafters Fencing to get started.

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