4 Advantages of a Split Rail Fence

A split rail fence is made up of wooden posts spaced a good distance away from one another, creating an open, airy look that still gives the feeling of an area off-limits to the public. While this fence style isn’t usually used by people who want a more closed-off, private look, there are many advantages to this particular style fence.

4 Advantages of a Split Rail Fence

1. Mark Property Lines Simply

This is especially advantageous if you have a large ranch or farm and really just need a good visual reference for where your property line ends. A split rail fence also has the benefit of not blocking any of the natural beauty of the land.

2. Often More Cost-Effective

Since a split rail fence has a lot of open spaces in it, the cost of material is generally far less than it would be for a comparable length of fence in a different, more closed-in style.

3. Add Rustic Charm

Don’t have a lot of lands but still want that ‘rancher’ feeling? Split rail fencing is a great choice for adding an aesthetic flair to a smaller piece of land.

4. Can be Easily ‘Upgraded’ With Wire

Having trouble keeping your garden free of small rodents? Want to deter large predators from invading your property? Maybe you’d like to provide more steady froth for plants and flowers? No problem! Just add some sturdy chicken wire to one side of your split rail fence.

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