4 Tips for Preventing Animals From Ruining Your Garden

Are animals ruining your garden? If you own a garden, you know how frustrating it is when your hard work is ruined by hungry little creatures. Here are a few tips for protecting your garden plants from being chewed on.

4 Tips for Preventing Animals From Ruining Your Garden

Who’s Doing It?

Which animals are eating your plants? Look for signs in the soil to find out whether deer, rabbits or groundhogs are invading your garden. If you can’t figure it out and the culprits are never to be seen, you can try installing a camera.

Repel Them

Spraying repellent on your plants may help keep the animals away. These repellents aren’t harmful to the animals, but they have a taste that they tend to dislike. However, animals can get used to them and may ignore the foul taste if they’re really hungry.

Scare Them

Using a fake owl or scarecrow may help for keeping birds and even rabbits and groundhogs from your garden. However, they’ll get used to it after a while. You can try using moving devices that are activated when motion is detected. Some of these devices spray water to scare away animals.

Install a Fence

As you can see, the above methods are far from perfect. The best way to keep animals from your garden is by installing a fence. If deer are eating your plants, you’ll need a tall fence to keep them out. For rabbits and groundhogs, a shorter fence will do, but it should extend underground as well. This will keep them from digging under the fence.

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