Why You Should Get Your Fence Stained

There are many reasons why you should have your fence stained. Giving your fence a proper stain coating adds significant protection to it, ranging from weather resistance, to infestation control and it prevents rot. Staining your fence can also make the wood texture pop out, giving your property a unique look.

Why You Should Get Your Fence Stained

Get Better Protection For Your Fence

Staining your fence is a great way to protect your fence from the harsh reality of the weather. Some stains are not just water resistant, but are also water repellent. By repelling water, the stain helps prevent the wood from absorb the water from rain which can cause the wood to expand and contract which causes further racks. Some stains also offer resistance to insect infestations by having chemical compounds which the little bugs don’t like to eat. Staining your fence can also protect it from getting damaged from constant sun exposure. Excess moisture can cause untreated fences to rot faster, or it can grow mold and mildew which will also cause your fence to rot sooner than it should.

Make Your Fence Stand Out

There are many different stain colors to choose from to help make your fence pop out. You might not even want the color of the wood to change, you might just want to keep the natural cedar or mahogany look. There are special varnishes and protective natural oils which can be stained onto your fence and keeps the natural color of your wood from fading. These are relatively cheap to get and are environmentally friendly. Some of these finishing oils not only preserve the original color, but can restore it. If your fence does have damage, these oils can even fill in the cracks and make your fence tough again.

Call us today and have a professional painter stain your fence.

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