Pergolas, Another Great Addition To Your Home

What Are Pergolas?

Pergolas are a type of deck or patio covering. They are extremely stylish, offer many different designs and create great shady areas for your home. They can also be attached to your home or be completely separate, serving as long archways for your sidewalks, gardens, or even your pool. Pergolas typically have 4 corners, like a rectangle or a square, but they have almost endless roof designs. Some pergolas can be as simple as 4 posts, connected together by beams while others are more intricately designed.

Pergolas, Another Great Addition To Your Home

Benefits of Pergolas

There are many benefits to having a pergola, the most obvious being that it provides a source of shade. If your yard gets too much sunlight and you don’t have enough trees, you should consider getting a pergola. They can be built on to of almost anything, from your deck to your hot tub or a pool. They can be apart of a bridge crossing over a stream which trickles through your property, or could completely cover the outside of a pond. If you’re someone who likes to cool a lot of outdoor bbq meals, pergolas are great for hangouts and gathering areas. A closed pergola can even serve as an cheap and attractive alternative to a garage.

Another great benefit of having a pergola is giving your plants another spot to grow on. Climbing vines, rambling roses, grape vines, all love to climb upwards. Some pergolas even have roofs strong enough to support a miniature flower garden on the top, others can have vines thick as bushes grow and weave from beam to beam making it appear to be an enclosed spot. They are also another great option for making long tunnels without having to dig through a hill or a mountain side.

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