Should I Get A Patio Or A Deck?

Choosing Between A Patio and a Deck

Patios and decks are among the two biggest additions people choose to install on their property. They are great for gathering places and enjoy the great outdoors, whether you are cooking a bbq or are simply reading a book. There are an infinite number of designs for each and each one has their own specific benefits.

Should I Get A Patio Or A Deck?

Why Decks Are Great

Decks are expensive. According to Nationwide, they can cost upwards of  $30 per square foot for high end materials which means a small 500 square foot deck can cost upwards of 15 grand. Decks done cheaply cause significant stress over time and require a lot more maintenance than an expensive one. However, the good news is that if you are someone who is looking for an return investment, decks can have a return value of 60% – 70% more than the original price. It’s one of the reasons why decks remain a great investment for your buck.

Patios, Another Great Spot For Gatherings

One reason why a patio could be a great addition: they are less expensive. According to This Old House, patios can cost roughly 1/3rd of that for their high end equivalent. Patios however require more construction than a deck. Unlike a well maintained deck, a patio can also be prone to cracks. However, if properly maintained a patio can last you well beyond the normal 25 year lifespan for your average deck. They also offer you more privacy, since they are built closer to the ground instead of being 2 – 3 feet higher in the air. Other popular home additions like hot tubs are great for patios as they offer easier installation since they have the support of the ground.

Whatever you end up deciding, give us a call and we will have our expert carpenters build you your brand new deck or patio!

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