Why Install a Garden Fence?

There’s nothing like a garden fence to frame an especially beautiful flower garden. Even a humble vegetable patch needs a fence to protect its bounty from wildlife invaders such as rabbits and deer who can’t wait to sample some of those tasty-looking veggies! (Even a neighborhood dog can decide that your garden looks like a great place for digging holes in search of a cool place to lie down on a broiling hot day!)

Why Install a Garden Fence?

Garden fences can be both handsome and effective animal deterrents. The garden fence “rules”, except those imposed by your local building codes. To give you a few ideas of how to enhance your garden with a garden fence, check out the links below of beautifully fenced gardens:

  • A simple semi-private wooden fence and gate beckon visitors to explore this flower garden.
  • A privacy fence creates a “secret garden” atmosphere in a lovely flower garden and lets you escape and enjoy its beauty by yourself. Guests entering the fenced area are introduced to a special “room” in your yard.
  • A traditional “kitchen garden” is a real temptation for deer, fox, badger, and rabbits. A classic white picket fence is an effective and charming deterrent when mounted on top of a low stone wall.
  • If you’ve got a pretty view around or beyond the garden, and don’t want to obscure it, install a fence that has both structure and transparency. Problem solved!
  • Install a wooden fence that’s an interesting and pretty as the garden itself and you’ve created a garden with twice the visual impact!


Talk to your local fencing contractor to learn about your options and to get some advice from a professional about which type of fence will work best for your garden. If Ellis County Texas is the place you call home, the team at Woodcrafters Fencing are your local fencing professionals. Contact us for an estimate and get your fence installed during the off-season for “garden perfection” in the spring!

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