Discover the Best Way to Paint an Old Picket Fence

In Texas, a house with a white picket fence is an iconic image representing home and family. It is traditional Americana at its finest. Nevertheless, every few years or so, it will need repainting, which can sometimes become a tedious chore. Short of pulling off Tom Sawyer’s trick of enlisting friends to complete the task, painting an old picket fence can be very laborious. However, there are ways to make things run more smoothly and bypass the frustration some people may feel. Today’s tips should provide you with some help.

Discover the Best Way to Paint an Old Picket Fence

1. Cleaning – Before attempting to paint an old picket fence, scrape off any peeling and old paint. Additionally, using a drop cloth will make cleanup easier. Once done, cover your plants with plastic sheeting and use a power washer to blast off any remaining paint and get down to the bare wood.

2. Preservation – All wood fencing is susceptible to the weather. So, before painting, you will need to apply a wood preservative that will resist water. While you may be tempted to use a sprayer, it is best to do this by hand. You want to make sure you get every nook and cranny.

3. Primer – A single thick coat of primer is all you should really need. Most of this can be accomplished using a paint sprayer, but use a brush to get at the hard to reach areas. A gallon should cover roughly 400 square feet. Also, much sure you cover your plants.

4. Painting – Don’t expect to get perfect coverage with just one coat. Two thin coats will produce a better result than attempting a single thick coat. Make sure to give your first pass enough time to dry before applying a second. Again, you can use a sprayer but make sure you have a brush for tricky spots.

5. New Picket Fences – It is always better to paint a new picket fence before installing. Not only will it be easy to get it painted, the wood in the ground is better protected.

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