All Decked Out: Decks to Enhance Your Home

All Decked Out: Decks to Enhance Your HomeAdding a deck to your home can increase its value, marketability, and enhance your yard. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your home, giving you an average return rate of approximately 80 percent. With facts like that, the only question left is what kind of deck you should get!

First, consider how you want to use your deck. Do you typically entertain large groups or small groups? Will the deck be used primarily for relaxing on weekends or do you plan to put in an outdoor kitchen and/or patio furniture? Just like planning to furnish a room, make a “floor plan” to determine the deck size and layout, leaving room for foot traffic and any other activities. (Local building codes also need to be considered and may factor into your choices.)

Your deck should complement and coordinate with your home’s style and size so it looks like it belongs there; it should look neither tacked on nor overwhelming. We can help you determine the correct proportions of your deck as it relates to your home as well as its shape, so that it takes advantage of any views and works well with your yard.

You’ll also want to choose an attractive stain for your deck that works well with your home’s exterior. Select the shades you like, buy a sample of each and apply them to an area that’s not obvious but where you can see them in full sun, shade, etc. Staining is an important step in helping to extend the life of your deck and protect the wood from weather and UV rays.

Ready to start? Contact us for more information, and you’ll be enjoying your new deck in no time!

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