How to Tell if Your Deck is Safe

A deck can provide a great place to relax, dine and spend time with your friends or family. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to cause serious injuries. Remember to inspect your home’s deck every year and check for these problems:

How to Tell if Your Deck is Safe

1. Movement

A safe deck won’t sway or shudder as you walk across it. Likewise, you shouldn’t hear an excessive amount of creaking and cracking noises. Decks usually need more support if they move around too easily.

2. Cracking

You probably don’t need to worry about very small cracks. On the other hand, large slits in posts, steps and boards may pose a serious safety hazard. The wood might eventually split apart under pressure.

3. Railing Issues

If the railing loosens or becomes damaged, it could break and fall when someone leans against it. Confirm that the handrail is still firmly attached to sturdy posts at both ends.

4. Rotten Wood

Signs of rot include soft surfaces, dark discoloration, fungus growth and termite or carpenter ant infestations. Decaying wood causes fasteners to rust. It may collapse if you don’t take action quickly.

5. Rusting

If bolts, screws, nails and other metal components have been heavily rusted, your deck’s boards and supports could come loose. You might need to replace them or install more fasteners to prevent problems.

6. Loose Boards

When boards loosen, the surface can become uneven. One end of a plank might stick up in the air slightly. This problem often develops during hot, dry weather. It creates a tripping hazard.

If you notice one of these defects, treat it as a high priority. It’s crucial to repair your deck before it becomes more dangerous and harder to fix. We can help you find an affordable solution. Please contact our experts to learn more about repair and installation.

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