2 Types Of Access Control For Your Fence

If you are installing a fence, it is very important that you think of access control. This helps to make your fence as safe as possible and allows you to feel confident in your ability to keep unwanted visitors out and those within the fence safely inside. There are a lot of different options when it comes to access control, and it is important that you pick the level that best meets your needs. Here are two types of access control to consider for your fence.

2 Types Of Access Control For Your Fence

Security Gate 

A simple, yet effective type of access control is a security gate. This type of gate is excellent because it securely locks your fenced in area and creates a barrier for anyone trying to get in. The type of lock on the gate can differ depending on your needs. It could be a code lock, a key lock, or any other type of lock that you desire. In any case, only those that you want to get inside will be able to open your security gate. This helps you feel confident that your gate is enclosed and offering the protection level that you need.

Automated Gate

If you want to level up your security and access control even more, you can invest in an automated gate. This type of gate is electronically controlled, and will only open and close with the proper authorization. This gate is often built to be more secure than a regular gate and can come with security cameras to view who is trying to enter your gate. You can also install motion detectors to let you know when someone or something is nearing your gate.

To learn more about access control and how to create a fence and gate that offers the security level that you desire, or to get started installing your fence and gate today, visit us at Woodcrafters Fencing.

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