Why A Garden Fence Is So Important

Gardening is an awesome hobby and one that many people enjoy. Because gardening takes a lot of work, you want your garden to be successful. One way to make this happen is to install a garden fence around it. Here’s why a garden fence is so important.

Why A Garden Fence Is So Important

It Keeps Animals Out 

One of the most important reasons to install a garden fence around your garden is to keep animals out of it. Both domestic and wild animals can cause a great deal of damage to your garden. They can destroy plants, eat produce, and otherwise make gardening impossible in a lot of situations. The height and materials used for your fence will likely vary a great deal depending on what kind of animals you are trying to keep out. For example, if you have a problem with rabbits, then a small chicken wire fence should work well. However, if you are dealing with larger animals, such as dogs, deer, or horses, you may need a fence that is not only taller, but also made out of stronger materials, such as chain link.

It Creates A Finite Space 

When you put a fence around the perimeter of your garden, you are creating a finite space that has exact dimensions. These dimensions can help you out a great deal when it comes to figuring out how much space you have for plants. It is also very convenient when trying to figure out how much fertilizer, soil, mulch, etc. that you need to purchase for your garden. This reduces waste and allows your garden to thrive.

It’s Great For Certain Plants To Grow On 

A garden fence is also great for plants to grow on. Berries can be planted on the edge of the garden, and can grow a vine up the side of the fence. This can also work with plants like snap peas and tomatoes that also need some extra support in order for their produce to grow and thrive.

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