Three Fence Updates that Will Provide More Privacy

If your current fencing situation isn’t giving you the privacy and security that you need, this might be easier to fix than you realize. There are a few things that you can do to your existing fence to bolster privacy as well as durability. Here are three fence repairs and upgrades that can make your yard more private and secured.

Three Fence Updates that Will Provide More Privacy

1. Installing Lattice for Height

If your fence is in pretty good shape but is just shorter than you would like, there are things you can do to attractively add height to this. By adding even an extra foot to your fencing, latticework can be quickly installed to the top of your current fence. This can bolster current fencing that just needs a few extra inches to increase the privacy of your yard.

2. Reinforcing Existing Fencing

If your fence has seen better days and might have damaged areas that can undermine the overall durability of fencing, this can make your yard less private. Fencing problems can be fixed with professional repairs rather than a full replacement in most cases. Preemptive repairs before the winter can further protect your fence and home through rainy seasons.

3. Using Plants as an Additional Cover

If your current fencing as gaps through metal posts or wooden slats, you might like the look, but not the exposure this can give your home and yard. Once your fencing is upgraded or repaired, adding in plant cover can make this look nice and will also offer more privacy. Fast growing bamboo or vines can be great options to add some coverage to your fence overall.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to repairing your current fence, contact us for a consultation. There may be ways you can have your fence professionally repaired to help with security and privacy instead of opting for an entirely new fence.

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