Every Homeowner can Benefit from these Alternate Uses for Pergolas

Adding a pergola is one of the best ways to improve your outdoor living space. However, if you already have a gazebo, screened-in porch, or covered deck, you may not feel you need one. There are actually lots of other uses for pergolas aside from entertaining, so you may want to consider one for any of the following purposes:Every Homeowner can Benefit from these Alternate Uses for Pergolas

Grape arbor

If you have always dreamed of having your own delicious grapes, a pergola can provide an ideal support system for your vines. A pergola would also be great for growing roses or climbing vines.


A pergola extending from the side of your home can create the perfect parking spot, providing shade and protecting your vehicle from storm damage.

Grilling station

Add a freestanding pergola to your backyard so you will never have to worry about standing in the hot sun while grilling out. A pergola can also provide some protection from the wind, making it possible for you to cook out in all types of weather.

Parking area for lawn equipment and bicycles

Create an extension off the side of your garage or garden shed, and you will have a convenient parking area for lawn equipment and bicycles. This will allow you to free up space inside your building.

Firewood storage area

A pergola is great for storing firewood under because it will keep your wood (mostly) dry while allowing plenty of air flows to ensure it does not rot. Firewood stored inside a pergola will also be easy to access.

These are just a few of the alternate uses for a pergola, but we are sure you can think of numerous others. If you desire a pergola, please contact us so that we can help you design a structure that suits your needs perfectly.

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