Choose a Cedar Fence: 3 Ways Cedar Stands Up to Competing Wood

It’s time for a new fence. Whether you have older panels that are starting to warp or you want to enclose an area that was previously protected by chain-link or wire, wood is one of the best fencing materials for security and long-term aesthetics. But there are several different types of wood available. Looking for high-quality cedar fencing is the best option and here’s why:

Choose a Cedar Fence: 3 Ways Cedar Stands Up to Competing Wood

1. Cedar isn’t dependent on staining and sealing.

Some woods are less hardy than others. Pine, for example, is a common fencing material but it doesn’t stand up well to forceful wind or UV radiation after a few years of exposure. Even pressure-treated wood needs frequent stains and seals for long-term durability. But cedar lumber is strong even without a lot of frequent maintenance. Sunlight exposure will gradually turn the cedar gray, but it won’t weaken the fence’s integrity. Many people even see the faded gray coloring as a perk. The natural oils protect the wood without sealants so you can retain the wood’s natural color and advantages without chemicals.

2. Cedar repels pests.

Burrowing insects are a constant hazard for wood products. That’s why many decks, fences, and wood siding panels need frequent treatments: to deter wood-eating insects and pests looking for shelter. But cedar naturally develops oils that keep bugs out of its surface, and those oils remain even once a tree has been cut down for lumber. Not only will you have a property line that is less inviting for pests, the fence will stay strong and secure for longer because of the reduced damage.

3. Cedar looks better.

Fencing is a huge element of curb appeal. Everything from the color, the straightness of the posts, and the lack of gaps in the surface combine to make a cedar fence look better. Whether you think you might sell your home or you need to replace your fence and want materials that will last, cedar is the best choice.

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