3 Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Cedar Fence Survives the Texas Weather

One of the most attractive materials to use for a wood fence is cedar, but the exposure to the Texas sun can do a number on cedar fencing. Add a little rain and the wind into the mix and in a few years, your fence may look like it’s had its days numbered. Therefore, it is important to make sure you keep up with regular maintenance of your new cedar fencing. Here are a few maintenance tips to help ensure your new cedar fence survives the Texas sun year after year:

3 Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Cedar Fence Survives the Texas Weather

1. Protect Your Fence from Splashed Up Dirt and Debris Using Hardscaping

When it rains, your fences may be damaged by dirt and debris that is at the base of the fence. To prevent splashed up dirt from causing damage, add hardscaping to the base of any cedar fencing materials. Avoid using materials like mulch and wood chippings, because they contribute to the problem and often bring insects, fungus and other problems with them. Materials like gravel, synthetic ground cover and stone are the best materials to use along with a wood fence.

2. Regular Cleaning of Dirt and Dust to Prevent Rot and Decay from Setting In

Another task that you will want to do regularly to prevent damage to your fence is clean it. Use a garden hose to remove any debris from the cedar materials. If the fencing has stubborn stains, use a light soap liquid and an old mop to clean off the dirt. In addition, adding a cap-full of bleach to the bucket of water can help remove stains. Try not to use too much soap or bleach because this can cause discoloring.

3. Occasional Pressure Cleaning and Application of a Cedar Sealant with UV Protection

In addition to the regular cleaning, when your cedar fencing begins to show its age and starts to fade, give it a good pressure wash. Use a wide-spray nozzle and keep it at a safe distance from the surface of the wood. Once the cedar has dried after washing, apply a new coat of sealant. Do this every few years for the best results and always use a sealant with a UV protector in it.

With good maintenance and regular cleaning, your cedar fence will always look as good as it did the day it was installed. When you need help with the installation, repairs or maintenance to your cedar fence, contact us and we can help ensure it survives exposure in the Texas sun.

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