A Great Fence Is More Than Just Fence Supplies

A Great Fence Is Attractive And Durable

It doesn’t start out that way. An accumulation of fence supplies piled up isn’t functional or pretty. But when you need a fence installed with virtually no stress, this is what you really want:

A Great Fence Is More Than Just Fence Supplies

You Want Quality Products

A fence comes up against very few forces that cause it harm. Usually just the rare vehicle “contact”, and the non-stop onslaught of the weather. To withstand the effects of those two things, and other problems, only high quality fence supplies should be used.

Calculating the type and amount of fence supplies may not be brain surgery, but miscalculation could be very costly. Or it may require a return trip to the construction supply company. So even before any building occurs, experienced oversight would be invaluable to a homeowner.

You Want Quality Installation

Even superior products require the expert hands of skilled installers. There are numerous factors to consider when installing a fence. Any legal restrictions, securing the fence to the ground, the proper type and amount of fasteners to actually build the fence, a safe injury-free project: these are all crucial elements of great fence installation.

You Want A Quality Warranty

When the daunting task of purchasing the correct fence supplies is followed by a fantastic installation, that’s two out of three parts of a perfect story. The missing link would be a warranty. And not just a warranty of a few years. But a warranty of, say, ten years. A warranty on materials and labor. Now that’s a perfect fence installation.

So You Want…

You want a fence installed by a local family owned business that provides the quality described above, and more. A business with over 25 years of experience in wood and metal fence construction. That means you’ll want to contact us the minute you’re ready for a quality fence!

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