3 Signs Your Wood Fence Needs Professional Repair

Having a wood fence in your backyard is an excellent way to enclose your space with a secure and well-built fence. However, overtime you may notice that your fence needs to be repaired. Here are three signs that your wood fence needs professional repair.

3 Signs Your Wood Fence Needs Professional Repair

You Notice That It Is Leaning 

If your fence is no longer standing upright, but is beginning to lean one way or the other, this is definitely a sign that you need to have it professionally repaired. As wood fences get older, they may begin to weaken, which can cause them to lean. The best way to fix this type of issue is to have a professional come out and replace all the boards and posts that are weak, and perhaps even re-pour some cement bases.

Certain Areas Are Beginning To Rot 

Another sign that your fence is in need of repair is the appearance of rotting wood. This can happen when wood becomes damaged by weathering, such as rain, snow, sprinkler water, etc. As the protective coating fades off the wood, it is more prone to getting wet and rotting. Thankfully, this can be fixed by replacing all the areas of your fence where rotting is an issue.

Boards Are Splitting

If you notice that some wood boards on your fence have begun to split apart. This is a sign that they are warped and need to be replaced. The split boards are not effective at creating a safe and secure fence and can cause your fence to become unstable. Having a professional come and replace these split boards will not only make your fence secure and sturdy again, but it will also help to make it look aesthetically pleasing as well.

To learn of more signs that your wood fence needs professional repair, or to hire a professional to come and repair your fence today, visit us at Woodcrafters Fencing.

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