Advantages of Board on Board Fence

Why should you choose a board on board fence for your property? A board on board fence offers a homeowner privacy, versatility, and functionality. This fencing style is available in several different designs and because the boards used in construction are wooden, they can be stained to match any color scheme.

Advantages of Board on Board Fence


1. Security

If you’re concerned about security, look no further than a board on board fence. While the ‘shadow box’ design of the fence does allow some light through the slats, this space isn’t generally enough for a pet or small child to slip through. If this is still a concern, then you can simply choose a fence design that is slightly tighter and eliminate the risk altogether.

2. Strength and Durability

Board on board fencing is a great choice for homeowners looking for a strong and durable fence that will last for years after installation. Generally, the posts are dug deeper and the boards are longer than those in an average fence. This combined with the connected design of the finished fence makes for a solid, lasting structure.

3. Multiple Finish Options

Homeowners have the option of staining or painting a board on board fence any color they choose, which not only helps protect the fence but also helps unify the aesthetic of the space.

Is a board on board fence the right choice for your home? Contact us at Woodcrafters Fencing today to discuss your options and get started on a fence you’ll love for years to come.

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