3 Reasons to Re-stain Your Wood Deck

Relaxing on your deck is a perfect way to end a summer day. Even early autumn evenings are warm enough to watch the sunset outside. But wooden decks need a bit of maintenance to stay in good condition. If it has been a few years since you last stained the wood, add it to your home maintenance checklist. Here are three reasons why re-staining your wood deck may be in order:

3 Reasons to Re-stain Your Wood Deck

1. It’s important to power or pressure wash the wood every so often.

The first step to resealing your deck is to wash the surface clean. This is an important step because it means the new stain won’t stick just to dirt or a layer of vegetation. But washing your deck with high pressure or high-temperature water is also good for the wood itself. Microorganisms, pests, and moss can start to break down the surface. Deep cleaning the wood removes embedded root systems and flushes out infestations. Even treated lumber needs a bit of help to keep the elements and bugs at bay.

2. Stain prevents UV radiation damage.

Plants and bugs aren’t the only things that can start to damage the wood. Constant exposure to the summer sun can make any material brittle. But stain and sealing chemicals are specially designed to protect the wood from UV radiation. This keeps the wood strong and safe to walk on. Without protection, the wood is susceptible to dry rot. This is dangerous because feet, patio furniture, and even your barbecue can crack through the surface. The stain needs to be removed and replenished every two to three years to ensure complete coverage.

3. Make your deck match the fence.

Whether your house is going on the market or you frequently have guests over, there are a few easy ways to make the outside really pop. Making the deck and fence match is a great visual improvement because it makes your yard look more cohesive and makes both wooden features look like new.

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